Benefits to CEOs

MacKay CEO Forums provides results-oriented, professionally facilitated, peer learning groups for best managed companies and high performance executives.

Exceptional leaders surround themselves with successful peers who help them to become better leaders and accelerate their business results while saving time for greater life balance.

Become a Better CEO/Executive
- Get agenda-free, confidential, direct feedback
- Tap into the leadership best practices of other exceptional CEOs/Executives
- Become inspired by the positive, high energy peer environment

Gain a Competitive Edge
- Leverage cross-industry experience to accomplish objectives faster
- Put top minds to work on your most pressing issues
- Gain insight from real success and failure experiences

Create Time and Balance
- Immediately connect with best managed, award-winning executives
- Reduce stress through peer coaching—one of the most effective means of stress reduction
- Learn how others are achieving better life balance