What's In the Works - Vancouver Executive Coaching Summary 2015

It's been a long time since writing has been on my priority list, yet as the fall approaches my writing itch is coming on strong and I have been spending a lot of time pondering what I want my writing focus to be for 2016.  I find this type of contemplation indicative of a transition because in the past I have been so focused on succession planning and career fulfillment as a career topic.  Something else is emerging now, and my intention is to have it clarified for the fall.  In the meantime, I wanted to share what has been happening in 2015 and all the delicious projects that have been in the works.

  • Global Coaching Project - Three years running I have been leading a global coaching project for a billion dollar company that is delivered in 18 countries and offered in two languages.  I am now leading a team of 3 coaches and focusing on quality delivery and coaching the coaches.  It has been so gratifying to see the delight from clients who are having leadership breakthroughs, and overcoming obstacles, and it is inspiring to see how technology can allow us to support a leader's development in Africa, the UK, Australia etc.
  • Top Team Executive Coaching Assignment - I am also leading a coaching project with a top executive team for a local division of an international global brand company.  This assignment is focused on coaching the 12 top executives to be more inspiring with developing and communicating vision and each person has their own personalized coaching goals.  We just received some client satisfaction feedback and so far we are seeing top marks.   Two phrases for this project come to mind - Transformational Change and the Power of Partnership. 
  • Transformational Leadership for a Not for Profit - In addition, I co-designed a leadership model and program for a local not for profit that I have to mention - Covenant House.  So proud of the Executive Director who just won the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award.  The Covenant House team is exceptional.
  • MacKay CEO Forums - About one and a half years ago I developed my first CEO forum with Mackay CEO Forums.  It has been like drinking from a fire house yet deeply fulfilling.  I am now running 4 forums and working with approximately 50 CEOS in this process.  This includes coaching, retreat design, and facilitation.  Three words - I love it.  This has been a positive evolution of my practice and will definitely continue for the future.  I am now the BC Chair Lead which means I represent BC Chairs during strategic planning and I do peer coaching for chairs who are learning the ropes. 
  • BC CEO Awards - In addition, I took on the chairing of the BC CEO Awards Nominations Committee.  This was also deeply gratifying because I had the opportunity to encourage CEOs who devote their lives to their work to pause to reflect on their achievements.  We have a stellar line up of winners for 2015.  I spoke to some of the winning CEOS last night and it was meaningful to see what the award meant to them.
  • Coaching Tools - In addition, I doubled the content of my coaching toolkit - a collection of exercises that clients complete when we coach together.  I also overhauled my coaching process so that it is less time intensive and higher impact for CEOs and top executives. 
  • Space, space, space - And, although it may not sound like it by reading all of these actions my biggest moment of progress for 2015 so far has been carving out some personal space for creative projects.  It has taken me years to be able to embrace white space in my calendar for the purpose of long range visioning and for the first time in a long time I have created this and it is as terrific as I imagined it would be.

Executive Coaching, CEO forums and developing my coaching platform and toolkit will be the continued focus for 2016.  More to come on that in the coming months.