Next Chapter Career Program for C-Suite Leaders

Are you an executive who is ready for change?

Do you have a sense that a new career or life chapter is calling you, but you are not sure what your next chapter looks like yet? Perhaps you are approaching “retirement”, transitioning out of your company, just sold your business, or you are considering a fresh start due to a change in life circumstances?

Or, perhaps after many years as an executive you are wondering: Is there a fulfilling life after being a top executive? What will you do with yourself?  It’s time to proactively define your next chapter.

We have recently launched a 9 month coaching program to help C-suite leaders to answer these questions and more.  Our Next Chapter Career Program for C-Suite Leaders is a 9-month program beginning in October 2018 and running through to June 2019. The program begins and ends with a two-day workshop at the beautiful Brew Creek Centre close to Whistler BC (meals and accommodation included).

Other elements include:

C-SUITE COHORT Throughout the program you will be placed in a cohort of up to 12 other C-suite and senior executive leaders. Each cohort member will meet our admissions criteria, and sign a confidentiality agreement. Your cohort will help you come up with high value ideas that are likely better than what you could possibly develop for yourself, share their experiences, and support your personal growth. 

EXPERIENTIAL TOOLS To help you consider your whole life, and how different elements inter-relate you will receive a suite of tools and workbooks that incorporate experiential exercises related to transitions and life design. Many of the tools come from Design Thinking1, a methodology that advocates coming up with best case scenarios and prototyping new directions. 

VIRTUAL PEER LEARNING & SUPPORT Throughout the program there will be three 90-minute webinars which include peer advice, and relevant topics.

EXECUTIVE COACH In addition, there will be four one on one coaching sessions with a Waterfront Coach, giving you the opportunity to think more deeply about your next chapter, examine your mindset and attitudes, and take fulfilling steps.

To learn more or to register please contact:  Natalie Michael -