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Emotional Intelligence Vancouver Workshop

We now offer a one day highly interactive workshop on emotional intelligence that can be delivered as a stand alone for leadership teams or delivered as part of an executive retreat. One-DAY Workshop Including a Personalized EQi Assessment & Debrief

Emotional intelligence is a key factor in developing strong relationships, gaining buy-in from others, and contributing to highly successful career and balanced, happy life.

Successful companies world wide use Emotional Intelligence to support leadership development, sales programs and recruiting.  Consider the payoff for you personally and for your company if everyone was highly emotionally intelligent?

In a study by the Centre for Creative Leadership, it was identified that the most successful leaders scored higher in all areas of emotional intelligence over their less successful peers.

In this highly interactive workshop, you will increase awareness of how your emotional intelligence is helping or hindering your leadership and career potential so you can be more effective at influencing, motivating, and relating to others.

Participants will:

  • Explore the science and application of emotional intelligence, and why it is one of the most defining aspects of leadership and life success
  • Gain an increased awareness of what emotional intelligence is; its impact on you, on others and in your workplace and why others would want to “follow you” as a leader
  • Learn how to develop emotional intelligence, practice it, and apply it to everyday situations at work
  • Have greater understanding of others' perspectives and emotions, particularly helpful during change initiatives
  • Learn how to manage your own emotions better when faced with difficult, stressful situations

The workshop includes….

ü  One-day workshop

ü  Workbook

ü  Personalized EQi assessment report

ü  Private interpretive debrief of your EQi report following the workshop




Succession Management Workshop Vancouver

If you have not registered for my upcoming succession management and talent review workshops now is the time.  Friday is the last succession planning workshop being offered until 2015, and it is bundled with a workshop on how to facilitate a talent review.  You can register and learn more on the BC HRMA website.