Characteristics of Super Leaders

Read this definition of superior leadership and ask yourself: "Where do I need to improve today?"  Based on your findings, pick one thing to work on today.  Coach yourself! "Superior leaders develop the vision and have the courage to make decisions.  They must be entrepreneurial, know what's essential, take risks, and encourage others to do the same.  They must know how to access the truth and build a culture based on ownership and accountability while living with ambiguity.  They must have fearless determination and perseverance and be passionate about results.   And they must always put the company first and understand that people are their most important asset." "(Prosen, 2006, p 26).

Key strengths of superior leaders:

  1. Encourage open communication and full disclosure.
  2. Have regular performance reviews and ensure accountability.
  3. Clearly define and articulate top objectives of the company.
  4. Take action to solve problems immediately.
  5. Consistently hire and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Taken from the book, Kiss Theory Good Bye