Cheryl Stafford - Appointed President International Coach Federation (ICF) Vancouver

We are pleased to officially announce that Cheryl Stafford, Partner with The Karmichael Group, has been appointed the President of the International Coach Federation Vancouver Chapter.  She is looking forward to working alongside a team of dedicated coaches to build and promote the coaching profession and to support professional development for coaches.  She will be building off of the success of the previous President and Board of Directors, which she was a part of in a Vice President capacity.  Some key accomplishments from the previous board include an increase in ICF membership by 12%, an increase in accredited coaches in Vancouver, and a number of sold out professional development events.  If you are a coach, Cheryl would like to personally invite you to explore the benefits of ICF.  2012/2013 ICF, Vancouver Board Vision

  • Promote awareness of professional coaching in Vancouver
  • Build a strong community of coaches and promote collaboration among Chapter members
  • Support quality continuing professional development for coaches

2012/2013 ICF, Vancouver Board Goals

  • Increase the number of accredited coaches in the Vancouver Chapter to enhance the professional image of coaches
  • Build the volunteer capacity of the Vancouver Chapter portfolio committees
  • Create and host a coaching awards event to honour coaches in the ICF Vancouver Chapter and to build awareness of professional coaching in the wider community