Do you work too much?

I just came across this interesting statistic and it made me sad. "Only 53% of working Americans say they come back feeling rested and rejuvenated after vacation, and 30% say they have trouble coping with work stress while they're away, according to an survey of 1,530. Some try to cram in so much activity that they come back more exhausted than when they left. Others stay so plugged on BlackBerrys and cellphones that colleagues and clients don't even suspect they're away." What is happening in this world?  These kind of statistics concern me because when I look at some of the corporate leaders I know, I can see they they are suffering from this affliction.  They are running on adrenalin and find it hard to unwind.  Even when they think they are unwinding, they are really thinking up work.  The sad part is that this will lead to stress in the body and poor relationships.  The body isn't designed to be fueled by adrenalin everyday.  It raises the risk of high blood pressure, cancer, and immune disorders. Being work obsessed also means that you are probably not emotionally connected to people - loving, connected relationships have been linked with happiness, longevity and engagement at work.

If you suspect you may be working beyond what is healthy, you need to make a change.