Executive Coaching - A Reality Check

In January of '09, Harvard Business Review published a report titled, "The Realities of Executive Coaching." Authors Carol Kauffman and Diane Coutu surveyed a diverse group of coaches with the majority from the US and UK, gender divided equally 50-50, 61% active in the coaching profession for 10-plus years, and nearly all respondents claimed independent status with only 1% claiming internal corporate coaches.

Whether you're an internal or external executive coach or a leader curious about best practices in the profession, you should find value in the report particularly the introductory framing of the engagement, key success factors, and the conclusion sections.

Of particular interest was how high 360-degree feedback collection was ranked in terms of valuable tools used in a coaching engagement (77%). The feedback is like holding up a mirror to the leader so they can see if their self-perceptions fit with what other people experience of them.

To review the HBR report, click here.  It is available for free on www.slideshare.com which is a great resource in general.

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