Executive Coaching Resources in Vancouver

If you are an executive coach living in the Vancouver area and you want to build your skills, and network with like-minded professionals, here are a number of professional resources for you.  Each of the organizations offers a unique learning twist. Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) - If you love the complexity of business coaching, and you want to develop your skills and toolkit in this area, WABC is a great choice for you.  It offers advanced credentialing standards for internal and external coaches and is equivalent to the ICF, yet focused exclusively on business coaching.  The competency model used as the foundation for their programs was developed by an expert panel and if you receive their highest coaching designation, the Chartered Business Coach, you get graduate level credits towards a masters degree.  http://www.wabccoaches.com/

International Coach Federation (ICF) - The International Coach Federation is the largest non-profit professional association of personal and business coaches and it has a Vancouver chapter which has been growing at a rate faster than the ICF itself. It offers professional development workshops, monthly networking events, and a widely recognized credentialing process.  In my opinion, the competency model used seems more geared towards life and career coaches than business coaches, yet the core skills do apply. http://icfvancouver.org/main/summary

The BC Organizational Development Network (BCODN) - The BCODN is for you if you want to learn about organization and leadership development as well as leadership coaching.   They offer excellent workshops designed to build awareness of the profession and to build skills in areas such as leadership, building high performing teams, and creating more community in organizations. In 2010, they are offering a virtual conference. http://www.bcodn.org

Coaches Training Institute, Vancouver - The Coaches Training Institute has a Vancouver chapter for graduates of their coaching program. The group is fairly informal, yet offers networking opportunities, and professional development. Many of the coaches share information and offer support to one another as they try to build their professional practice. http://www.thecoaches.com/

All of these resources will help you to build your skills as an executive coach and will connect you to the coaching community in Vancouver, yet each organization offers something distinct and unique. To best suit your needs, pick the organization which will match your professional development goals.