Executive Coaching Testimonial

One of my coaching clients is the Executive Director of the Get Bear Smart Society in Whistler.  This is a cause that is close to my heart because I grew up in BC with bears near my house; I find bears to be beautiful and wise creatures; and it really saddened me when Jeannie the Bear, a Whistler icon, was recently killed in Whistler.  When Jeannie was killed it prompted me to volunteer with the society and I thought the best way to offer support was by providing executive coaching services.  Here is what the Executive Director had to say about her coaching experience. "Natalie’s coaching has had a tremendous impact on me, the Get Bear Smart Society and bears. She has helped motivate our Bear Working Group by providing thought provoking and action oriented exercises. She has amazing insight as to why an organization or its members can get stuck and knows just what to do to inspire positive forward direction. As a result of Natalie’s insightful direction, she has not only helped me see the complexities of our challenges and what we can have a positive impact on, but she has encouraged and inspired me as the catalyst for change. She is one amazing person. I am grateful to be connected to her and have come to really count on her. Yes, she’s that good!"

Sylvia Dolson

Executive Director

Get Bear Smart Society