Is It Time For You To Work With A Leadership Coach?

Dealing with Organizational Change

  • Potential mergers, acquisitions, and sizing issues
  • Culture change required to deliver the business results
  • Large change effort to achieve business strategy

Becoming a more Versatile Leader

  • Need to develop a more adaptable style
  • Need to develop specific leadership competencies to be more effective
  • Facing interpersonal challenge with key stakeholder

Developing Influence

  • Need to go beyond positional power to influence change
  • Need to expand professional network to improve results
  • Need to become more influential with the executive team

Career Management

  • Bored at work, and need to figure out next career step
  • Feel stressed and burned out, and need to manage it
  • Want to align career with values, and passions and desired lifestyle

Creating a Compelling Place to Work

  • Insuring your organization is a compelling place to work to attract and retain high quality human capital.
  • Creating a high performing team
  • Developing a successor in the business

Managing a Job Transition

  • Just got promoted to higher level of responsibility
  • Need to deal with the increased scope or complexity
  • Want to prepare to advance to higher levels, or more complex roles

Performance Improvement