Is it Time To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life?

Is it time for you to figure out what to do with your life?  And to finally create a career where you feel on purpose and balanced?  If so, you are a perfect candidate for a Career Intervention – a highly personal and in depth coaching program that breaks through patterns and gets your life on a fulfilling track. The Overall Structure

The program is made up of six tightly packed coaching sessions and homework assignments that have you look deeply inward.  Here are the topics we explore:

Session One:  Understanding the Current State

Before this session you evaluate where you are now in each area of your life, and you define what is important for your personal and life satisfaction.  In this session we get a base line “current state” and we design how to best work together.

Session Two and Three:  Gaining Wisdom From Experience

For the next two sessions, we go through your life and work history to turn your life experience into wisdom.  We use systems theory to identify positive and negative patterns which enable or inhibit your success.  Our goal is to figure out where you are trapped by negative patterns, and to make you more “pattern aware” so you can let go of past roadblocks and get the results you want (finally!).

Session Four:  Values

Now that we have turned life experience into wisdom, we determine what is important for you at work, in work-relationships, and for your lifestyle.  This is turned into a summary document that you can use to evaluate new career opportunities so you make decisions that actually feed your soul and fit with your desired lifestyle and ambitions.

Session Five: Strengths and Passions

Next, you complete three assessments to help you clarify your strengths and passions.  We then brainstorm the kinds of opportunities that fit with what is important to you, your strengths, and passions.

Session Six:  Vision

Using creative techniques you create a vision board which showcases what you want in your life.  We tap into the wisdom of your right brain, and then we use your left brain to figure out how to make it happen.

Final Homework

The last workbook is about turning your vision into reality.  Here you create a game plan for how to move forward with your vision and you identify the actions which will propel you to the next phase of your life.

To determine if this is the program for you:

Please contact Natalie Michael at or 604-926-8717

What one recent client says about the program….

“Working with Natalie has clarified my personal vision, and also given me the power to reflect on myself as a person. I have a better understanding of my strengths and of the ideas and prejudices that have prevented me from realizing my full potential and growing as a leader and as an individual. The quality of the work has been tremendous and I feel much more settled and back onto the career and personal paths that had begun to elude me. The work I've done with Natalie has been some of the most valuable work I've done in my life!”

Brian Porter, Manager, Technical Documentation