Is it time to teach your managers to be better coaches?

p>Research shows that effective managers spend time coaching and developing their people. They are skilled listeners, ask insightful questions, and they demonstrate the ability to improve the company culture and employee engagement one employee at a time.

In this workshop your managers will learn how the role of “coach” fits into their leadership responsibilities, and they will gain practical skills for coaching effectively. In addition, they will learn how to prepare for, and give meaningful feedback that reinforces their employee’s positive contribution to the business, and their strengths. To ensure they lock in the learning and apply the coaching skills learned in the workshopthey will also receive ongoing coaching support after the session. This additional support will boost their confidence as a coach, and it will help them to improve workplace relationships, engagement and the culture.

Specific learning outcomes include:

• An overview of situational leadership and how coaching fits into the broader responsibilities of a leader.

• A personal assessment of their coaching potential, and an exercise to forecast the specific challenges they will likely face when coaching their direct reports.

• An introduction to the Coaching for Success Formula – a three part model for having a coaching conversation in a work context.

• Improved listening ability, along with the ability to ask meaningful and powerful questions

• Hands on practice giving and receiving coaching on real world practical issues using an easy to understand model for structuring coaching conversations.

• Practical experience preparing for and giving positive feedback based on people’s strengths and positive contribution to the business.

This workshop is highly engaging, and experiential. Participants receive a coaching workbook, a library of powerful coaching questions, a “coaching cheat sheet,” and peer and facilitator coaching after the workshop.