Join us for an upcoming workshop - Build your influence skills

One key for professional success is being influential. This means being able to get other people to do what you want them to do, even if they have competing demands. To be truly influential you need to go beyond rational persuasion and you need to use more than positional power to inspire change. In this workshop you will learn how. Attendees are asked to come to the workshop with a specific initiative you are trying to influence. You will leave with an influence strategy for this initiative and tools, tips, and knowledge that you can apply to future strategic projects. Plus, you will take a self-assessment prior to the workshop to deepen your understanding of different influence approaches, your natural influencing style, and how you need to adjust your tactics to get the results you want.

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You Will Learn:
  • To understand different influencing approaches, including your own
  • A mapping tool to define who you're trying to influence, competing agendas, and potential derailers
  • Where organizational power comes from, impacts on your campaign and how to develop sources of power
  • To raise your awareness of how corporate politics impact your strategy and approach
  • To draw together the lessons from this workshop to finalize your action plan

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