Karmichael Chosen for Two Executive Coaching Projects

Natalie Michael, Executive Coach and Succession Management Consultant has just been selected as one of two Executive Coaches to work on a global College for Leaders program.  In this capacity she will be coaching emerging and established leaders to build their self awareness and improve their leadership capability.  The primary psychometric instrument to be used will be the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator.  Natalie has extensive experience with this instrument and has conducted more than 150 assessment debriefs using the tool. In addition, The Karmichael Group is now partnering with a global retail organization to build their leadership pipeline and to design their succession management practices.  The project will start with designing the succession management process for their manufacturing division, a part of the business with a significant shortage of leaders.  From there, the engagement will include leadership assessments and executive coaching and The Karmichael Group will train managers throughout the business on how to identify, develop, and retain employees who have the potential to become managers in the future.

We are thrilled to be a part of both of these leadership development projects and we look forward to assisting our clients with improving business performance, changing leadership behaviour, and managing their succession risks.