New innovations in succession management

Program Summary:Building internal leadership talent is a growing priority for most organizations. Many companies are seeing a gap between their top level of leaders and the next level and it is a concern given pending retirements and growth opportunities. In this workshop we will help you address this challenge and provide answers to questions like: "How do you identify and develop our high potential leaders? What do you do if you don't have enough internal talent? What if the leaders you do have won't be in ready in time to fill upcoming vacancies?"

This program will provide a framework for identifying your top succession risks and communicating them in a way that will get the attention of the executive team. It will also provide an overview of the succession process and key decisions that must be made when designing your program. We will also share the latest research on leadership potential & provide ideas for assessing potential in your organization.

You Will Learn:

- To identify your top succession risks so you can get the attention of your executive team.

- A framework for succession management including the key steps in the process.

- Models for assessing employee leadership potential based on recent research.

- Key practices in Succession 2.0 such as building an internal and external pool.

- To use a succession scorecard to help you measure the success of your program.

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