Succession Management Vancouver - Workshop

On May 04, 2010, I will be teaching a workshop on succession management fundamentals to the Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-Scientists of BC.  Here is the link to register: Learning Objectives

In this program, we will provide you with an overall framework for developing a succession program.  Specifically, you will learn:

  • Why succession management is a risk management process and how to identify the succession risks in your organization
  • The different phases of a succession management project and typical activities in each phase.
  • How to identify and assess future successors both inside and outside of your organization
  • What to do if you do not have enough successors in house
  • How to create leadership development plans that accelerate leadership potential so that you can bridge the gap between your senior leaders and the next level as fast as possible

Workshop Details

  • This is a hands-on one day workshop.
  • Participants walk away with a framework for building a succession process in their organization and a toolkit they can apply.
  • We utilize real world case studies
  • We also provide them with practical stories from years of consulting in this area.