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Meditation Resources for Executive Coaching Clients in Vancouver

I am in Sedona, Arizona right now and the theme of my trip is meditation and mindfulness.  I have been on this path for awhile, starting the journey with struggling to tame my mind for two minutes to now actually enjoying the process of becoming more self aware and meditating, and being more conscious about taking the spiritual perspective in my life when I encounter challenging or creative situations.  I can now say from experience, "This stuff works!" In Vancouver (a forward thinking city) I am not alone in my meditation journey.  In fact, most of the CEOs and executives I work with try to meditate, want to meditate, or they struggle with being present, and juggling "enjoying the moment" with satisfying their unrelenting drive.  Although in my view meditation takes many forms, and can be as simple as an invigorating bike ride, or moment of solitude, I am always on the hunt for new resources that simplify the process, and make the journey more fun.

UCLA has a mindfulness meditation research center and it has tons of great (and free) stuff.  If you are motivated, you can even get certified in mindfulness meditation (you can get certified in pretty much anything these days, but that's another post all together).  Anyway, here are some links for free meditations that are fantastic, and there are some good articles too.

A link to the center:


Have a fantastic day, and I hope you see all the good that is right in front of you,