The F Word – Something to Remember For Fall

I am just coming back from a week on Saltspring Island which was absolutely wonderful.   Before packing up the cabin I wanted to take a minute to reflect on this mini vacation.  Over the past week my family toured organic farms all over the island, eating our way through the home grown delicacies. We spent over $100 on fresh strawberries because we could not go by the little red baskets at the farm stands without eating them.  We also enjoyed the Fruitsicles, these island-made popsicles that are so delicious you want them to be twice the size and, of course, the blackberries growing on every corner was a dietary staple. As we get ready to jump on the ferry thoughts of work are creeping back into my mind.  Instead of feeling dread, I am excited!  I can’t wait to talk to my clients, play with some new ideas, and re-focus on my career goals.  To me fall is like the New Year.  It’s a time for getting focused and organized and being productive.  I am looking forward to what is on the horizon – getting my master coach designation through the coach federation, launching a new coach training program, supporting new coaches to become certified, and leading phase two of a global succession program.

Yet, as I get ready to tackle these initiatives I want to remember the F word – FUN.  It’s so easy for life to become lopsided, in summer all about joy and fun and rest and play, and then in winter all about work, discipline, and achieving goals.

Although I have become quite good at having joy as an integral part of the way I live and work, I also can get caught up in doing, especially now that I have a preschooler and participating in the school and building her social network is also a priority for me.  Yet, after a week on Saltspring I know that one of the ingredients for fun this year will be space with nothing booked, just time for hanging out with family, being alone, letting things settle in my mind, exploring new things, nature, and just being.

I know for me one of the biggest distractions from personal time is “opportunity.”  “Oh, doing that sounds like such a great opportunity!”  Yet, for me, the biggest opportunity is in the fun time – kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying what I have.  Fun & Focus – I think that will be my motto for the fall.

What’s fun for you this coming fall?

What will have you feel alive?

What is your motto for the next few months?