The Leadership Mirror

It is always useful to take a step back and evaluate how you are doing as a leader.  It can show you where you need to raise your game, and where you have mastery.

  • Do you have clearly articulated values as a leader?
  • Do your followers recognize your values based on the actions that you demonstrate?
  • Are you clear on your leadership strengths?
  • Are you engaged in self-development that focuses on your strengths?
  • Do you have a clear sense of purpose as a leader?
  • Do you leave your legacy daily?
  • Do you have a clear point of view on what it means to lead?
  • Do those around you understand your point of view on leadership?
  • Do you have vision for what you would like to accomplish as a leader?
  • Do your followers know your vision because you communicate it to them?
  • Do you take time for leadership reflection?
  • Do you have a "personal board of directors" with who you share your reflections?
  • Do you have written leadership development goals?
  • Do you take action on your leadership goals?

This quiz is the first step in getting clear on what you care about, and what you need to focus on in your leadership development plan.  Enjoy the summer and get ready for action in the fall!

Source: Goldsmith, Coaching for Leadership.