What happens in an executive coaching engagement?

Refining leadership results is a custom coaching program.  The focus of the program is to increase your effectiveness in your current role, or to prepare you for career advancement.

Our Refining Leadership Results program uses an outside-in and inside-out approach.

The coaching starts with an outside-in evaluation.  We learn about your business, industry, and team, and what you must accomplish to be viewed as a valuable contributor in your organization.

Then, we take an inside-out approach and we learn about you.  We cover many important dimensions of leadership including where you are in your career and life, and your experience,  personality, values, and mindset, and your ability to influence others and build effective relationships.  We gather this information through a best in class intake, leadership assessments, and sometimes interviews with key stakeholders.

Based on this, we pick one or two target areas for the coaching.  We spend time clearly defining what success looks like for you (what you need to do and who you want to be), and we consider where you are now relative to your goal.  When developing a plan a critical component is acknowledging the “current you” and “what is” in your life, as well as what is possible.  Once we have done this, we create some tangible action steps, acknowledging the shift in being that will be required.

A typical coaching engagement is twelve sessions with each session being sixty to ninety minutes long, and the duration is typically three to six months.

Although certain elements of the coaching are predictable, the reality is that the sessions typically unfold organically depending on the issues that arise.  Some of the sessions are accompanied by tools, workbooks, and assignments which are appropriate to the focus area for development.  All of the sessions lead to deepened self awareness, new perspectives on issues, and tangible actions to drive results.