Our Executive Coaching Programs include the following elements:

  • Our definition of leadership
  • Our guiding principles of positive change
  • Assessments or interviews
  • Pre-reading
  • Leadership Tools and Frameworks
  • Personal Development Tools and Exercises
  • Feedback and Planning Meeting, Action Plan
  • Thirty-Day Review
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Six-month Review
  • Post-engagement Feedback

Specific programs include:

  • CUSTOMIZED EXECUTIVE COACHING- We understand that being an effective leader is way easier said than done, and that each leader faces unique business challenges, and social dynamics, and they have different hopes and dreams for their career.  With a customized executive coaching package we start by defining what you hope to achieve in the future (business, and personal) and we create a customized coaching plan just for you.  Throughout the coaching we will engage with key stakeholders to better understand the context you are operating in, and we will provide you with a coaching toolkit so you can better understand your growth opportunities and the path forward.  Our personal goal is to deliver value to you, and we promise you will benefit from our experience coaching hundreds of leaders before you.
  • THE CAREER INTERVENTION - When you are going through a career transition, or seeking clarity about your next career move, this is the coaching program for you. This is an "inside-out" coaching program which will help you to better understand what is important to you, your passions, and your strengths, and how to best match this with market opportunities and the constraints that are unique to you.  Although clients typically have fun throughout the Career Intervention we promise that you will be put to work.  Each coaching session requires about two hours of pre-work and there are six sessions in total.
  • THE INFLUENCE INTERVENTION- A decade ago a client (the Chief Technology Officer of an international technology company) said to Natalie: "I don't know how to get the CEO to do what I need him to do."  This prompted Natalie to learn everything she could about influence, corporate politics, and managing up.  The Influence Intervention includes the influence tools, techniques and strategies she has acquired over the last 10 years, and it will help you to be more influential, so you can move your agenda though the organization, and engage the right people along the way.