Our leadership and executive assessments have been validated for executive selection and development purposes.  They can be used on their own, or as part of an executive coaching or leadership engagement.

Executive Assessment Tools - When assessing executives and senior leaders we create a customized leadership model that we can benchmark your executives against.  This allows us to compare their results to other top performing executives, so they can gauge their development opportunities and strengths. We have a variety of tools and customized reports available that are used for coaching, succession, and selection, and have all been developed by leaders in the field of psychometrics.

Strategic Influence - We are the first coach in Canada to be certified to use a suite of tools that help executives to be more influential.  Specifically, we have an influence 360 which evaluates 42 skills necessary for effectively influencing others.  We also offer an influence style assessment so leaders better understand how they need to adapt their style depending on the audience, and a power diagnostic, so executives understand where they get their power from and how they can develop alternate power sources.

Emotional Intelligence - Emotional intelligence is a key skill for influencing others, positive interpersonal relationships, coaching, and successfully navigating corporate politics. We provide a suite of products related to emotional intelligence and we offer workshops that teach executives how to more effectively self manage when they are stressed, in conflict, or under pressure. 

Values Assessments - We offer the suite of personal and organizational Barret Values assessments to help organizations, teams, and individuals clarify their values and change culture.  These are very robust reports for organizations and individuals on the cusp of transformational change.