Succession Services

We offer a full range of services to support organizations to develop their succession pipeline. Benefits of our services include:

  • Objectivity - Use a credible process to increase stakeholder confidence.
  • Intermediary - Facilitate key conversations to build trust and commitment.
  • Process Facilitation and Timing - Make sure it all happens on time, and with accountability.
  • Consider the Whole Person - Ensure confidentiality and acknowledge the whole person.


Our services include:

  • Succession Program Design – We take the guess work out of succession planning by identifying your primary succession risks, and designing a process that fits your needs.
  • Conversation Facilitation - Facilitate key conversations between incoming and outgoing successors, and the talent review process.
  • Competency Modelling – We create leadership and competency models to benchmark internal candidates against.
  • Identify Potential Successors – We will guide you through the process of creating a model of leadership customized to your needs, and we will benchmark your key leaders against the future role requirements.
  • 360 & Other Leadership Assessments – We offer a suite of tools to evaluate each leader's potential and performance.
  • Create development plans –We support your leaders to create meaningful development plans that will prepare them for future advancement.
  • Leadership Coaching – We have coached hundreds of leaders at all levels of management. We provide one to one coaching, and / or coach as part of a broader program.
  • Leadership Program Design - We can design a leadership program at various levels of leadership.